• Painting

    Always at the forefront and in search of new trends, we are industry leaders in applications that are high gloss colors, semi-gloss, matte, translucent, soft touch, and metallic finishes. We are capable of achieving the tightest color and gloss controls in the industry.

    Painting image
  • Injection Molding

    Our tonnage capacities range from 55-ton machines up to 500-ton machines, with 2-shot capabilities at 140 ton. We excel at mold in color, small intricate molding, as well as insert molding. Our molding capabilities allow us to provide our customers with parts from prototype and service sized runs, up to high volume automotive production volumes.

    Injection Molding image
  • Assembly

    With extensive knowledge in this field, we are able to create systems that are developed and built specifically to meet the needs of your project, guaranteeing the specifications of each piece with constant quality with a well-balanced production line.

    Assembly image
  • Aerospace Instrumentation

    Capabilities to make small order runs of:

    • Masks
    • Bezels
    • Automotive Service Orders
    • Complex Switches
    • Specialized Machined Hardware
    • Machined and Plastic Knobs
    • Altitude Indicators/Spheres
    • Dials
    • Complex Dials
    • Tight Tolerance Backlit Instruments

    Aerospace Instrumentation image